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Our Mission

New England Fishermen's Stewardship Association is a bipartisan, non-profit organization committed to uniting Americans in the fight to preserve what could be the last wild frontier-the ocean, where fresh, wild, protein-rich, American seafood that nourishes our nation is harvested. We're an alliance of the wild harvesters of the waters off of New England, dedicated to educating the public about how best to manage our seafood resources through sound science and best practices of conservation used by fishermen, with a view toward economic well-being, ecosystem sustainability, and US food security.

Fishermen catching scallops

We Fight Salty

A family out fishing

To fight salty doesn't mean to throw fists...

 It's not a conflict between people or communities. It is the nature of being born the rare breed of individual that gets up each day, no matter the conditions or forecast, and sends it out onto the waters we call Home. Those who defend their livelihoods simply by showing up and getting their hands dirty out of respect and loving passion for the ocean life.


 We feel that our younger generations struggle with maintaining a connection to nature as this nation has grown, and we are taking up the torch to rekindle that bond. If you value the health of our home waters, we not only ask for you to listen, but that you provide your own learned knowledge as well. The ocean belongs to no one - all we can do is experience, honor and seek to understand it together. 

Over time, we hope this energy we bring unifies wild harvesters nationwide, bring fishermen together under the common goals of health and freedom with the sea.


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Jerry Leeman
Trawling, Dragging, Gillnetting, and Fin Fisheries:


Dustin Delano

Lobster, Crab, and Clam Fisheries:


Shelley Wigglesworth

Administrative Assistant, General Inquiries:

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