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1. Harbor Log to Lumber

2. Tyler Hodgkins, F/V Lost Souls

3. Chip Johnson, F/V Five Stars

4. Mike Kota, F/V Miss K-C

5. Henry Allen’s Seafood, Captain Chris Hole, F/V After the Storm

6. Emily Merrymen and Riley Parlin, Potts Harbor Lobster

7. James and Sarah Merriman, F/V Hunter James

8. Hunter Merrymen, F/V Wild Fire

9. Ashley Conrad

10. Port Lobster

11. Holbrook’s Wharf and Store

12. Bailey Island General Store

13. Bait Boy Inc.          

14. Timmy and Lisa Bisson, Bisson Welding, F/V American girl

15. Aldie and Beth Leeman

16. Terry Alexander, F/V Jocka

17. Glen's Lobster

18. Log Cabin Inn

19. Dolphin Marina Services

20. Gary and Alison Hawkes, Hawkes Lobster

21. David and Patricia Moody

22. Ash Cove Lobster

23. BK Fisheries, Captain John

24. Jason and Shannon Hillman, Northeast Marine Survey   

25. Tommy Butler, Erica’s Seafood

26. Peter Curtis, F/V Zig Zag

27. Rob Williams Real Estate

28. Eben McFadden, F/V Gracie Elizabeth  29. Mike Webber, Webber Enterprises Inc.

30. Brandon Wyman, Wyman Trap Co

31. Nick Martinez, F/V Pretty Woman

32. Raymond and Val Caron, F/V Cardinal  Virtues

33. James Barclay, F/V Lorelei

34. Tim Barret, F/V Odessa

35. George Prince, F/V Provider

36. Thomas Clemons, F/V 4 Ladies

37. John and kim Tanguay, F/V Shandrelyn

38. Lucky Oppedisano, F/V Tracey Lynn 

39. Mike and Tina Murphy, F/V Hooked Up

40. Troy and Pamela Bichrest

41. SAI Fisheries INC, F/V Endurance

42. David Wildermuth

43. Dana Hole

44. Kenneth Cornelison

45. Brian Pennell   

46. Matt and Kati Clemons

47. Chris Nunan, F/V Sea Wife

48. Cody Nunan, F/V Camtan Sea      

49. Mark Davis, F/V Down East Nightmare

50. Paul Hickey, F/V Sunrise

51. Rick Campbell, F/V Mirage

52. Adam and Tonya Brooks, F/V Deck Boss, F/V Back in Black

53. Mike and Donna Bisson

53. Melissa Stufflebeam  

54. Bobby and Danielle Graves, F/V Up for Grabs 

55. Justin Hallam, F/V Grit 

56. Royal River Boat Yard

57. Dave Marciano, Angelica Seafood, Hard Merchandise

58. Zac and Kristine Leeman, Sundrenched

59. Timothy Larochelle, F/V Mary Jean II

60. Island Candy Co.

61. Higher Living

62. Shea's Plastering

63. Northeast Composites

64. Tyler McLaughlin, F/V Pinwheel

65. Ronald Patuto, Lobster Express

66. Bruce and Heather Davis, Engel & Volkers Casco Bay Real Estate

67. Gene Graffam, Harpswell Auto Sales

68. Gloucester Fishermens Wharf 

69. Dana Hole, F/V Elzbelz

70. Uncle Pete's Community Market

71. Enza Iacono

72. Glen Rogers, F/V Magnum

73. Hunter Merryman, F/V Wildfire

74. Free Range Fish & Lobster

75. Heath Hawkes, F/V Maddi Rose

76. Bruce Dyer, F/V Captain Morgan

77. Seth and Nicole Walker, F/V Northstar

78. Bernie Coombs, Bernie's Outdoor Power

79. Kathi Gott Beedy

80. Andy Cantrell, Cantrell's Seafood

81. Dalton and Heather Strom

82. Greg Gibbs, F/V Perrigrine

83. Shane Hatch, F/V Jill Layden

84. Deane Kennedy, Harpswell Ins. Group

85. New England Fishermans Alliance

86. Jeffery J. Murray, F/V Fishin Addiction, F/V Never Enough

87. Captain Eric M. Haas and Cinda Haas

88. Ryan Cleaves, Tines and Tails

89. Terrence and Julie Kenney, Noah Kenney, F/V Naughty by Nature, Kenney Landscaping, Llc.

90. Sean Clemons, F/V Mean Kathleen

91. Morgan Ruff

92. Dan Fisher, F/V Ventura

93. Hartwell and Gail Prince

94. Heather Thompson, F/V Gold Digger

95. Henry Barnes, F/V Dorie & Colby

96. Scott Merryman, F/V K E II

97. David Moody, Woodlanding Trap Co.

98. Colby Bailey, Bailey's Brick and Stone

99. John M. Borden, F/V Mary Baker

100. Gus Hurley

101. David and Laurie Haggerty, Roxanne York Real Estate

102. Matt Gilley, F/V Katherine G

103. Kevin Griffin and Tanner Griffin, F/V Nuthin Much

104. Pamela C. Sullivan

105. Alex Brewster, F/V Perseverance

106. Emma Hawkes, Forever Balanced

107. Wayne and Dianne Gagne, Lee’s Tire  & Service

108. Laurie and Cliff Malcom

109. Martin and Craig Ramsay

110. Jay York

111. C.J. Johnson 

112. Jeff and Amanda Conant

113. F/V Touch of Gray

114. New England Young Fishermen's Alliance

115. Port Clyde Fresh Catch

116. Inseine Bait

117. Heritage Marine Services Llc. 

118. Honey Hole Trap Co. 

119. Encore Designer Consignment 

120. F/V Nor'Easter 

121. Extreme Gloucester Fishing 

122. Coastal Designs

123. Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza

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