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Statement of Jerry Leeman at Keep Our Coast Clear press conference

Portsmouth, N.H. As a representative of the New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA), I must express our deep concerns regarding the proposed offshore wind project. This project threatens the livelihoods of fishermen across New England and poses significant risks to our local seafood supply and the overall health of our marine ecosystems. The data that has been used to warrant ocean industrialization is not adequate.


NEFSA’s research summary indicates that there is no scientific consensus as to the effects of offshore wind on ocean ecosystems and marine life. At this point, offshore wind is an experiment, a temporary one, which does not provide reliable energy and is dependent on fossil fuel assistance.


These are monster turbines, slated to fill millions of acres of the ocean only to be decommissioned in 20-30 years with no clean-up plan on the table. The push to go bigger, quickly, has consequences that have the potential to permanently alter the environment, the food chain, endangered species, our economy, and national and food security. A project of this magnitude should not be rushed with so many unknowns.


Offshore wind cannot, and will not, and does not exist without enormous government subsidies.


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