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NEFSA Responds to SCOTUS Overruling of Chevron Deference

NEFSA CEO Jerry Leeman: “Federal officials usually ignore the well-grounded concerns American fishermen share about overregulation. We are grateful to the Supreme Court for bucking this trend. And we are especially grateful to the fishermen-plaintiffs in Relentless and Loper Bright who have spent years fighting for their brother and sister fishermen everywhere.

For too long, unelected bureaucrats in three letter agencies way off in Washington have been destroying our jobs and our way of life with unfair regulations. The Supreme Court has put the power to regulate back in the hands of Congress, where at least the will of the people and common sense have a chance to prevail."

NEFSA filed an amicus brief in the case explaining that onboard monitors pose a safety risk given the variability of ocean conditions and extreme stress commercial fishing entails.


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