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NEFSA Applauds Halt of Ørsted Ocean Wind 1 & 2

The New England Fishermen’s Stewardship Association (NEFSA) welcomes news that European green energy giant Ørsted will not proceed with development of two major offshore wind platforms off the coast of New Jersey. Billion-dollar cost overruns incurred in spite of generous giveaways from the Biden administration and the state of New Jersey will dominate accounts of the demise of these projects. These fiscal and logistical pitfalls are instructive for all states considering a transition to offshore wind energy. But these challenges should not eclipse consideration of the urgent threat offshore wind farms pose to the fisheries, maritime communities, and the marine environment. Ocean industrialization is incompatible with robust, sustainable fisheries. NEFSA has previously summarized peer-reviewed research that shows wind farms could decimate haddock stocks, harm commercially important crustaceans, and scramble ocean food chains. Wind farms also block access to some of our nation’s most productive fishing grounds. Taken together, it is clear that ocean industrialization will wipe out New England’s fishing fleet, and with it the economic livelihood of coastal towns with a proud seafaring heritage. Other states contemplating a transition to wind energy must account for the interests of fishermen and the communities who depend on them. The transition to green need not be accomplished at the expense of American workers.


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