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Fishermen react to cancellation of NY offshore wind projects

NEFSA CEO Jerry Leeman issued the following statement after the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced Friday that it has failed to reach power purchase agreements for three major offshore projects.

The affected projects are:

-Attentive Energy One (TotalEnergies, Rise Light and Power, and Corio Generation)

- Community Offshore Wind (RWE Offshore Renewables and National Grid Ventures)

- Excelsior Wind (Vineyard Offshore with backing from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners).

"The federal government is menacing American fishermen to no obvious benefit. Regulators are designating huge swaths of ocean for development and leasing sites to green energy companies who simply cannot build wind farms on a timely, economic basis.”

“New York is now the third state to abort power purchase agreements due to cost or supply chain challenges. The successor agreements will be worse. Once leases are signed and paired to state offshore wind goals, developers have carte blanche to build wind farms at almost any price.”

“There are many compelling reasons for the Biden administration to suspend further lease auctions and wind energy area designations. Industry’s inability to timely and affordably build wind farms is only one.”


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