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We are 

New England Fishermen's
Stewardship Association

Fishermen stewardship is defined as the conscious and respectful management of the ocean and the life it holds, entrusted to the men and women who know it better than solid ground. 

NEFSA is fighting to save the American commercial fishing heritage and to preserve the opportunity for future generations to work in the fisheries providing fresh, wild-caught, protein-rich, sustainable seafood to the nation.


​A lot is at stake, but we believe by banding together we can protect our food source, livelihood, heritage, and the ocean. Because an industry that sustains us in so many ways is an industry worth fighting for.

NEFSA in the News

Check out our most recent report

Public officials and foreign green energy giants are racing to industrialize our oceans with sprawling offshore wind farms.

See our report to find out what they are not telling the public. 

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